Essay on Science in Everyday Life in 200 Words

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Essay on Science in Everyday Life in 200 Words

The word science is so attached to our daily life like without water we cannot live, similarly without science we can”t event think of living nowadays. In our today’s topic, ” Essay on  science in everyday life in 200 words” we will provide you a short essay or note in 200 words about science in everyday life.

Essay on Science in Everyday Life in 200 Words

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Essay on Science in Everyday Life in 200 Words

So, lets start.

Essay on Science in Everyday Life in 200 Words:

Science is the most important thing of our life because it influences each and every aspect of our everyday life. Ever since a caveman rubbed two stones to till today, science has  made it for all of us to live our lives more comfortably than ever. Without  science, society will definitely suffer in all the areas fundamentally.

Why science is important:

When we wake up in the morning, till we go to sleep, even during our sleep, we are surrounded by science.

Usages of science in everyday life:

Communication: Science and its inventions have brought the world close to us. We daily use mobiles, internet all are the blessings of science.

Medicine: We have found almost all the cure for all the diseases because of science. From X-Ray  to heart transplants, all these only possible because of science and its inventions.

Meteorology: Monsoon is the backbone of every economy and thanks to science, not only Monsoon every possible weather details  we can know well before.

Agriculture: Science has been playing an essential role in the field of agriculture.

Electricity:  Definitely invention of electricity has changed everything.

There are many  essences of science in everyday life, which are endless to describe. Finally we can say science has lifted up spirit of mankind. Science is continuously teaching its students about its hidden and inspiring truths and feats.

So this was our short essay on science in every day life in 200 words. Though it is very difficult to write the usages of science in 200 words, but we have provided you with one such essay. Every single task we do today is the utilization of science . Even you are reading this on mobile or computer using internet, without science it was not possible. So we can not imagine our lives without science. Is not it?

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