How to check all devices that you are logged in from to Facebook

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Since many smartphones are being launched almost everyday, we kind of change our smartphones frequently. Isn’t it? And we use our hand held devices to access social media sites all day long, mainly Facebook. With changing smartphones and logging in from different devices, it becomes very difficult to track from which devices we haven’t logged out. So this post is all about to make sure that you can check and decide whether you need to log out from all devices you are logged in to Facebook.

If you are using smartphones:

1. Open Facebook app, just tap on the three line icon on the top right corner where you get all your settings. 

2. Scroll down below to find “Account Settings”

3. There you will find “security and login”, tap on it.

4. Now you will find a section as “WHERE YOU’RE LOGGED IN”, this will show you a list of devices from where you have logged in to facebook and still you haven’t logged out. 

5. Check and decide whether you need to log out immediately from where you do not wish to be logged in. 

For Laptops or PCs:

Basically steps are same if you are using laptops or PCs. Just follow these:

1. Click on small drop down icon which is placed besides the question mark icon on the upper right corner. 

2. Click on the “settings” option. 

3. On the left, there you will find “security and login” just click on it.

4. Here also you will find the section “Where you’re logged in”.

5. Now decide according to your need.


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