How To Stay Healthy Paragraph

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Here you get “how to stay healthy paragraph” for school kids. Students may get assignments or even in the exams they are asked to write essay or article on how to stay healthy. So to help students we have provide an article which they can take from this website. We have written this article of How to stay healthy paragraph in very simple language.

How To Stay Healthy Paragraph

How To Stay Healthy Paragraph

How to stay healthy paragraph

Staying healthy is an important part for all of us. As the dictionary says the meaning of healthy is staying away from diseases but not only this, by the word healthy it is also meant that a circle of physical, mental, social & emotional well being. We should not neglect mental health since your mind controls your body so unless we do not have mental peace we can not be fit physically.

There are numerous steps which can be adopted by all of us to stay healthy Physically and Mentally. Apart from physical & mental health we also have to think about behavioral health & emotional health. As we know health is wealth thus staying healthy in all categories should be as important as money for every human being.

Physical health: Lets take care of our Body

There are many steps which we should follow daily to stay healthy physically. Staying healthy physically can be very helpful to stay healthy in all the categories. As our emotion depends on our state of mind and our mind controls our body, so everything is correlated. Here are the few steps to stay healthy physically:

Regular exercise:

There is no better way one can stay healthy without regular exercise. At least 60 minutes per day regular exercise is required for all. There will be many things which will divert our mind and make us idle but we should have strong belief & self discipline to achieve our target of doing exercise for at least 60 minutes daily.

Balanced diet:

Having a balanced diet every day is equally important to stay healthy physically. We might have temptation to eat junk foods and sweets, but a strong discipline should be ideal to resist it from having. Besides a healthy diet can change our mood also. we should include more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs and dairy products in our daily diet plan. Too much sugar is not good for our health, hence we should avoid taking sugar and salt. We must have proper meals at proper time daily in order to increase metabolism.

Enough Sleep :

To have mental peace, to increase level of concentration, to have strong decision making power, to produce more constructive ideas, we must have enough and sound sleep of 8 hours daily irrespective of ages.

So basically these three steps are the most important in order to stay fit or healthy physically. In addition to that, these below Dos and Don’ts we should follow everyday.

Do’s for physical health:
  • Wear Sunscreen while going out.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Have  proper meals at proper time.
  • Have heavy breakfast daily.
Don’ts for physical health:
  • Don’t listen to loud music
  • Don’t skip any meals
  • Never miss out exercise

Mental health : Time to care for mind

We must care for our mental health because our mind controls our body which we generally ignore. Mental health refers to one’s psychological well being. Since mind is the prime factor for our peace, there should not be any doubt regarding the fact that we should focus on mental health too.

To increase concentration level, to have better better memory power, to have a control over our emotions, behavioral health, mental health is basically a driving force to control all these. In order to have better mental health, we must follow these Dos and Don’ts everyday.

Dos for mental health:
  • Yoga: we must do yoga everyday which will not only give us peace but our concentration level will go up. We will have better memory power, we will get rid of diseases etc.
  • music: music has amazing abilities to heal mental disorder. It can stimulate our wishes, makes us happy and help us stay fit.
  • Learn how to manage stress. Let us relax a bit.
  • We must have good relationships with our parents, friends, teachers.
Don’ts for mental health:
  • Do not live in unhealthy environment.
  • Understand our limit, so that we do not take unnecessarily burdens on us.
  • Don’t quarrel with anyone.
  • It is natural to have frustration, stress, but we must not succumb to it.

Emotional Health : control our feelings:

It is a true fact that emotional health depends on mental peace and health. So we must know the signs of mental illness. We should be more careful to avoid those signs to take care of our emotional and mental health as well.

The signs of mental illness are:
  • loss of self esteem
  • loss of self respect
  • tiredness
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • want of appetite
  • weight loss or gain
  • thinking too much

In order to take care of our emotional health, we have to pay attention to our change of mood. we must not be afraid of seeking help from our parents, teachers, friends etc. We are what we are – we have to accept it and make a promise of not bullying anyone. Following these steps will make ourselves more stronger than ever and boost our self esteem.

So with regular exercise, proper diet, having sound sleep, taking care of mental and emotional health, we can stay healthy and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Finally we have to develop strong character and assign some time from our hectic schedule to take care of our fitness and understand the usefulness of staying healthy.

So if you are asked to write on “How to stay healthy paragraph”, you can take this one.

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