India To Send Humans To Space In 4 Years

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Another 40 months from now – India to send three humans into space for five to seven days, which will be indias first manned space flight. The name of the mission is Gaganyaan. The prime minister of the country Shri Narendra Modi announced the Gaganyaan-2022 project on 15th august 2018.

This ambitious project of sending humans to space will make India the fourth country to send humans to space after USA, Russia & china. The chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Mr. k sivan explained everything about the project on 28th august 2018.

In the press conference, Mr. Shivan explained that if everything falls into place, the mission may be executed six months before India completes its 75th Independence day in 2022 and for that ISRO have to take help of GSLV MK-III launch vehicle.

According to Mr. Sivan ISRO would send a crew of three astronauts to orbit for five to seven days and the spacecraft will be placed at an altitude of 300-400 kilometers from the earth surface and he also said that the total cost of the project would be less than 10000 crores.

India To Send Humans To Space In 4 Years

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After the take off it will just take 16 minutes to reach the orbit & while coming back the crew members might land in Arabian sea of the Gujarat coast or Bay of Bengal. The crew is expected to do experiments on micro gravity primarily. Though there will be many targets of the mission and it is also expected that the project will create employments of at least 13000 people in the country.

Two unmanned test missions will be launched in the next 30 months which will ensure that mission is on right track. It is also necessary to ensure the success of manned mission of such huge expectation and innovation.

It will be a turning point for India’s space journey and a most cost effective one even by the standards of India’s previous space projects.

The crew members will be trained by ISRO and Indian Air Force & training session will be arranged in India & abroad also for that plans are being worked out by ISRO.

Team Gaganyaan will have an ambitious timeline & plenty of tasks to complete. Most important task will be selecting & training crew members though according to Mr. Sivan everything is being taken care of ISRO.

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